What the heck is a Computer Tune Up and why should I do something about it?

Computer Tune UpDo you find you are spending to much time waiting for your computer to do the simplest of tasks?

Does your Web Browser take forever to move from screen to screen while you sit patiently waiting?

All are symptoms that having a computer tune up will help resolve.
Whether you use your computer for personal or business purposes, time is valuable hence waiting for the computer isn’t an option.

A computer tune up will get you back running at top speed.

    We will analyze your system.

    Remove the bloat of software that is not needed when the system starts therefore improving starting speed.

    Check to ensure you have the latest operating system and if applicable antivirus updates

    Repair and or tweak your Registry if needed.

    Run checks for Hardware Health, Hard Drive Fragmentation & Memory Usage just to name a few.

    Provide a report along with any recommendations, such as Hardware upgrades, for consideration if found to be warranted.

A computer tune up is similar to that of a regular tune up for your car…. An ounce of preventative maintenance goes a long way to ensure that your computer is running at its most optimal performance..

To view our Computer Tune Up Service Rates please see Computer & Laptop Repair Service

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