Reloading to a fresh Computer Factory Restore

computer factory restore
Sometimes reloading your computer to a factory restore is the most economical way to get your computer back to running properly.

While we can and do recommend Computer Tune Up as well as Virus & Spyware Removal servicing, sometimes the best choice is to reload your operating system (OS) on the computer for a fresh load.

This is accomplished in a couple of ways depending on which computer we are dealing with.

You can opt for us to back up your data, (subject to our terms and agreement for data backup). You can also back up your data first prior to us working on your machine.

Either way, most newer computers have a means in which to restore it to how it came out of the box new..

We will restore the Operating System on the computer to its factory delivered status.
At the same time we will update the OS to the most current level.
Along with configuring any pre-installed security and anti-virus software.

If you have opted for our data back up service, we will restore your data to your computer at this time as well.

At times however this is not possible. Because of either data or hardware corruption or failure, the factory restore image is lost.

We will advise you what the costs up front to obtain a new software image. On approval we will then go ahead with the restore processes.

At the end you will have your computer back running as fast as it possibly can.

For our OS Reload & Computer Factory Restore Rates please see Computer & Laptop Repair Service

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